Why Choose eForezt e-books?

Why Choose eForezt e-books?

Reason 1: We offer competitive e-book prices; most at just $2.99 CAD – a cup of coffee!

Reason 2: Our e-books come in pdf format (unlike kindle, etc. which require special software), allowing you to read on-the-go or at home, from any smart device.

Reason 3: No hidden fees or subscriptions – simply pay per book.

Reason 4: eForezt saves you time – find all of your favourite books in one place!

Reason 5: Loved and trusted by many, eForezt saves you the unnecessary risk of getting that annoying malware through “free e-book” website downloads.

Reason 6: A reliable team at your service if you have questions or need help.

Reason 7: Our website constantly updates to meet your needs.

Reason 8: 10% from each sale will go towards saving forests and ecosystems worldwide.